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Rain Barrel Hose

As of 9/1/20 Mr. Drip Soaker Hose is lead-free and compliant with California’s strict phthalate-content standards, so no harmful chemicals or odors are added to your water supply giving you safe  delicious vegetables and beautiful, healthy plants.

Rain Barrel Soaker Hose is a low flow, high output soaker hose that works very well with rain barrels and gravity irrigation systems. It can be identified by it's purple stripe. Available in 50’, 100’ and 500’ rolls.
Use the
580 tubing/compression fittings to create your own custom designed system.
Also available with standard male and female garden hose connections.
Flow rates will vary, depending on the size of your water container and the elevation of it.

DO NOT connect Rain Barrel Soaker Hose to a faucet, this may cause spraying and damage to the hose.
ALWAYS use a
200 mesh filter to help prevent clogging.

Planning to use Rain Barrel Soaker Hose in an upcoming garden project and don’t know quite how to start? Then the Rain Barrel Soaker Hose Kit is for you.
See how easy it is to install and see the effects of happy plants and vegetables with the best water there is, Mother Natures Rain Water!

Those of you that are ordering a pressure regulator for a rain barrel setup. Quit It! Gravity is a good thing, don't impede the flow with a regulator. You don't see us putting one in the kits now do you? Oh yeah.......you don't need a backflow either unless your drinking out of your rain barrel. Warranty

As seen in Mother Earth News Magazine August/Sept. Issue 2012:
A Better Rainwater/Harvesting System

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#109 580 Female Hose End
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109S 580 Female Faucet Adapter
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