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Irrigation Timers: We carry a selection of top quality, Battery, Propagation and Solar Powered Timers.

Battery Timers - Sprinkler and hose faucet timers. Easily install a hose faucet timer to any standard outdoor hose faucet. Our faucet timers make it easy for any gardener to set start time and watering duration.

Propagation Timers -  Also called Greenhouse timers, allows watering durations from 1 second up to 12 hours in 1 second increments. We offer a six station ac controller that operates up to 6-24v standard sprinkler valves. Also available a Propagation Timer mounted on a 3/4” sprinkler valve, which with a couple of PVC adapters, can be attached directly to a faucet.

Solar Timer – A faucet timer that features a solar panel that recharges 2-AA rechargeable batteries. The rain sensor automatically shuts down the timer when the 2 sensors mounted next to the solar panel get wet. Easy 2 Use, 2 Dials let’s you adjust your timer in seconds. Perfect for Rain Barrels and gravity fed irrigation systems, as this timer requires no pressure to operate, unlike any of our other timers.