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Soaker Hose

Soaker hoses offer the perfect delivery of water to plants: slowly, steady release at the soil line. This ensures that water is not wasted. The slow release allows the soil around plant roots to gradually absorb the water. And the proximity of the hose to soil means that very little, if any is lost to evaporation.

The soaker hose is actually the grandfather of the drip irrigation system. When you attach a soaker hose to a regular hose and turn on the water supply, water weeps in sweat-like beads from the hose along its entire length. Soaker hose if used properly can help us conserve water and at the same time enjoy beautiful flower gardens, trees as well as great tasting home-grown fruits and vegetables. Also use in raised planters, median strips, foundation stabilization, hanging planters and more.

Not sure which size soaker hose you want, order a SAMPLE PACK!


Items required for installation.
Soaker Hose Pressure Regulator is a MUST, since soaker hose is designed to work at low pressure.
200 Mesh Filter is a MUST so that particles that might clog the pores of the tubing will be filtered out.
Calcium Filter is also recommended for areas with hard water. Most water supplies typically have particles of sediment in suspension.
Backflow Preventer
is highly recommended as well, to stop dirty water from backing up through the hose, and possible contaminating your household drinking water supply. This is simply a matter of installing a one way valve between the water source or spigot and the first length of hose.

Mainline Poly Tubing/Fittings, be sure to get the same size as the soaker hose you buying.

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*Manufacturers of products using soaker hose, give us a call, we can manufacture different sizes and flow rates.