Installing Soaker Hose


Also check out our "HELP WITH DESIGNS" page.

Measure and sketch out your design. This way you will be able to tell what fittings and how many of each you will need, how much poly tubing and how much soaker hose. It is always wise to buy extra fittings.

From your faucet, you can attach the following: Timer, Backflow device, Filter, Pressure Regulator, Female hose end. Also referred to as a "Connection Assembly" See examples below.

Soaker hose and Poly/Mainline Tubing  can be laid in the sun, this will make it a little easier to work with.

Layout your poly and soaker hose in desired lengths where they will be used and place fittings where they will go.

Use stakes to hold your tubing in place.

When you are ready to assemble, you simply push and twist your fittings onto your soaker hose and poly tubing.

On the ends of your line, if you are using the .580 standard hose, you will need a coupling and cap. If using the deluxe .700 or professional .820, you will need an end cap.

Before using your system, you need to flush it out. This will remove any debris that has gotten into your system during installation.

When you are ready to turn your system on, just turn your faucet a half of a turn.

We also have a video to show you how to put a system together.



Connection Assemblies   Enlarge photos by clicking on them



What is used in a connection assembly? You can use any combination of the items below, depending on your water source.

Backflow/Anti Siphon - This will keep water from backing up into your main water supply and contaminating it.

Pressure Regulator - Soaker hose is designed to work on low flow and low pressure. Also, higher pressures can cause the hose to break down, and possibly blow the fittings off.

200 Mesh Wye Filter - A larger, cleanable filter than the Tee filter. Filters out sand, dirt and other particles that are in your water. Especially if you are using a well.

Tee Filter - Also filters your water and is cleanable. Smaller filter that would need to be cleaned more frequently.

Calcium Filter - Used in areas with hard water. Hard water minerals will clog a soaker hose.

Female Hose End - Use this to attach either your mainline or your soaker hose to your connection assembly.

Timer - Use this to automate your system. (optional)