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Pressure Regulators

Pressure regulators reduce the pressure entering your system, to the recommended operating pressure of the drip/micro sprinkler or soaker hose system that you are using. That pressure should be around 25-30 psi for drip and soaker hose, and no more than 60 psi for some micro sprinklers/sprayers.

The pressure of your system is VERY IMPORTANT, especially with soaker hose, and knowing which pressure regulator to use. Regulators can only take so much pressure coming in to them. So please look for that information on our regulators "INCOMING PRESSURE". If your pressure exceeds this psi, or might even be close, and you purchase the wrong regulator, it will cause it to malfunction. Some regulators have a small hole in them, this is a pressure relief hole. If you get water coming out of this hole, then your pressure is stronger than what that regulator can with stand. The diaphragm inside is broken and your regulator will not work properly.

Know your pressure, get a gauge! Without a pressure regulator, a system may have leaks, poly and soaker hose can burst, or connections may fail.

Most regulators are garden HOSE threads, but we also have PIPE threads.
Hose threads and Pipe threads are DIFFERENT, and DO NOT work together.

If using a timer, your regulator should be installed after the timer, as they should not be under constant pressure.
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