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Non-Press Compensating

Non-pressure compensating emitters use a turbulent flow action which provides greater durability and longevity along with clogging resistance and low maintenance. Non-pressure compensating drippers will have varying output flow at varying inlet pressures. Therefore the flow will vary along uneven terrain, and each dripper will emit a different amount of water depending on its location on the supply line. The pressure to a drip emitter can vary due to the slope of the land and the length of the supply tube. If an irrigation system is installed down a slope, there will be higher water pressure at the bottom of the slope than at the top, and non-compensating drippers at the bottom will emit more water than those at the top. Ideal for vineyards and other permanent crop applications that require minimal elevation and pressure variations. Non-pressure compensating emitters are great for gravity irrigation systems as well as they require no pressure to work, unlike the PC emitters.

Recommended filtration: 200 mesh filter.

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#425-100 4 gph Flag Dripper  (Bag of 100)
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