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Lori - Cancer Survivor

Hi I'm Lori,

...the one that usually answers the phone to take your orders, answer questions or help with a design. Back in March of 2008, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. From April 2008 thru November 2008, I underwent surgery, chemo and radiation. At which time, I would leave a message on our answering machine letting our customers know when I wouldn't be available, due to treatments. Once I finished treatments, many of our customers would call or email to see how I was doing, which prompted me to just keep a little journal here on our site. Below is that journal.

June/2019- After being in the ER twice last week, it's time to back off of work.  If you send me an email, I'll try and get to that right away. Thank you all for a good run. After 28 years, thanks to all my friends I have made here thru the website. God bless you all!

March/2018-  Still constantly learning and adjusting meds. In the last months tumors markers are now rising every 6 weeks. My next appointment my Dr. wants me to do blood test in 4 weeks, so he can decide what test and course of action we might need to take when I see him in 6 weeks. Needless to say, I'm scared.

August/2017-I'm constantly learning and adjusting meds. But it's been 9 years since cancer was found and I'm still here. I've gone to a combination of a lesser chemo pill regiment, cbd oil, and rso. Tumor markers in the last 6 weeks have come down around 20 points. My Oncologist tells me "Your he captain of the ship", just keep doing what your doing! I'm just tired and like to spend more time with my husband and family, is why we have changed the business hours and shipping to 3 days a week as our slow season comes on.

January/2017-After making the decision with my husband we have decided to go the medical marijuana (RSO) route. I'm taking 4 chemo pills a day along with cbd oil and rso. I'm alive and kicking with no pain at all. It's really hard to come up with a plan with medical marijuana since there is no regulation it's hard to tell what to take and not take. Local dispensaries have no idea what there selling, or potency of the products. It's a crap shoot for sure, but I firmly believe that medical marijuana is doing good for allot of people.

Sept/2016-  Feeling much better since I tossed the chemo pills in the trash. I'm taking 1 gram of RSO daily. The effects from the chemo pills are healing, I'm feeling much more positive. My tumor markers fell another 10 and 20 points over the last test 6 weeks ago. My Dr. visit yesterday was a little strange as I told him what I was doing, he basically said, keep doing what your doing!

July/2016-Things seemed to be  headed on a downward spiral. After making the decision with my husband, I'm no longer taking chemo pills. We have decided to go the medical marijuana (RSO) route. My last blood test showed my 3 main tumor markers down from 6 weeks ago. :). My rash is gone caused by the chemo pills, all and all I'm feeling allot better.

February/2016-Things are up and down as tumor markers bounce around. Jan is taking calls for me, giving me more time to spend with family and friends. Blood work every 6 weeks, and oncologist visit keep me in the know of how things are going in my body. Cancer has spread somewhat since I have last written. Chemo pills are currently a way of life, 2 weeks on, 1 week off. I'm still here taking emails and helping Jan. If you need my specific help, comments don't hesitate to write me!

March/2015 - I am managing pretty well as we have adjusted medications. I had some reactions to the chemo pills, so my oncologist lowered my dose. And as of March 19, my tumor markers are still going down, which is GOOD. I have to get blood work done every 3 weeks, and see my oncologist every 6 weeks. It's my life from now on. Cancer treatments have come a long way, and I am hopeful to have many years left!  Please don't be afraid to talk to me, or share your story, or ask me anything. I am very open about my situation and if things get bad....well I will post here! For now, I feel AWESOME!

June/2014 - My markers were up and tests revealed cancer is back and now a stage 4. Chemo pills are now a way of life.

Sept/2013 - I went to Tulsa for a 5 year celebration of life, "Live The Moment", at the cancer center I went to, CTCA (Cancer Treatment Centers of America). What wonderful celebration it was! But one of the best parts for me, were the 2 Hope/Share pins that we were given. One for our self and one to give to a current patient going through treatment. You give them a pin, share your story and give hope to a special friend. Here I am with my Hope/Share friend Dennis H. from Iowa, who was being treated for lung cancer. Dennis is now home, with NED (no evidence of the disease), enjoying life with his beautiful wife Kathy. He and I keep in touch via email.                  Picture is a thumbnail.

June / 2013 - Blood work, nuclear bone scan, and chest x-ray, all is good and no evidence of cancer! One more check up in December, and then I will go on annual. I will also get to go off medications that I have been on for 5 years that have helped keep me CANCER FREE!

December /2012 - Blood work, and mammogram done and all is still good! Looking forward to celebrating 5 years of being cancer free in April 2013!

June/2012 - Having tests done on Thursday, June 7th. Blood work is done and A-OK! Full body bone scan and chest X-ray, all good.

December/2011 - My mammogram came back fine, as well as bone density and blood work, other than my tumor markers, which are up. Having thyroid issues, which I think is from radiation. But I have my cholesterol in control, and on medication for thyroid.

July/2011 - Only needed blood work done for this visit, and it came back clean! Next visit in Dec, need to get another visit in before the end of the year, as we may not be able to afford health insurance after the first of year.

April /2011 - Blood work, chest x-ray (insurance wouldn't cover for CT Scans and Bone Scans. All clear! Had to get on some Lipitor for the high cholesterol, and it has come down, not quite where it should be, but not too far off!

Dec/2010 - Blood work, Bone Density and Mammogram. Mammogram is all clear, blood workgood, except for cholesterol, which is high. One of the side effects from the medicine I have to take. Along with some bone deterioration in my hip. No evidence of cancer and for the most part, I feel GREAT! Glad to post a new photo, now that my hair is getting longer! This is the older photo I had up.

Aug/2010 - Just blood work for this check up. Oncologist is giving me a break from tests! I'm liking that. Still no signs of cancer, next check up in Dec.

May/2010 - Bone Scans, CT Scans and blood work. Blessed to still be cancer free.

Jan/2010 - I have had several tests done and blood work during this past year, and I am VERY HAPPY to report that all is still good!

Feb/09 - I am now done with all of my treatments! With no signs of cancer to be seen by the professionals. Business as usual now....... and again, thanks to all of you that have inquired about me. Just need to get my hair back now!

Chemo is done. I will be leaving Arizona Sept 30, 2008 to go to Tulsa for my radiation treatments. I will be staying there until the radiation is finished. Radiation is done 5 days a week and will last 6-7 weeks.  

04/08 thru 11/08 --- I want to thank everyone for their concerns, well wishes and prayers. Some of you have asked that I post reports as to how I am doing. I am actually doing quite well, with the exception of about 5 or 6 days after chemo treatment. I do not feel that well. I have a total of 8 chemo treatments to do. My 4th treatment will be June 26th 2008. (half way done after this one!) After chemo is done, I will be gone for 6-7 wks to Tulsa to have radiation treatments. These treatments are done daily, that is why I have to stay. This should start sometime in September 2008. My treatments are all done at The Cancer Treatment Centers of America. What a wonderful place, the most kindest, caring people you can imagine. Everything is about "YOU" . I highly recommend this place for anyone dealing with cancer. I have heard many miracle stories while there, from people who were sent home to get their "affairs in order" (and we all know what this means). They are alive today and doing well.