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Laser Tubing

  12" spacing, 100'

  0.8 GPH to 1.1 GPH per outlet at 20/25 PSI

  6” Spacing – 15 Feet
  12” Spacing – 25 Feet

•Manufactured using our Relax-O™ stress free formula, an advanced modified Linear Low Density (LLDE)  Polyethylene material
•Tubing acts like vinyl tubing, but has the working pressure and the strength of polyethylene tubing
•The Relax-O™  tubing formula is designed to relax quickly when unrolled in the sun and not retain the memory of being coiled like other brands
•Packaged on sturdy pressboard spools for 500' rolls and wooden spools for 3000' rolls.

•Manufactured using Relax-O™  an advanced modified Linear Low Density (LLDE)  Polyethylene material that has a UV shield of 2-1/2% carbon black (2% carbon black is recommended by the American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE) Standard S435)

•Tolerances according to ASAE S435
ID: .170 +/- .002
OD: .250 +/- .005
Wall: .040 +/- .002

•Relax-O™ tubing is tested for stress cracking in accordance with ASAE Standard S435

Water drips from small slits that are laser drilled in the tubing every 6/12 inches, along its entire length. This tubing is perfect for row plantings or mass planter beds of flowers and vegetables. Multiple runs can be made directly from the drip mainline tubing. Laser Soaker line is clearly marked with the proper direction of water flow. Uses standard 1/4" drip fittings.

When connecting your drip tubing to a mainline, use a pressure regulator to control water pressure greater than 30 PSI. Install a 20 PSI regulator when using the mini soaker hose.

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