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Drip Irrigation Filters help prevent drip emitters, micro sprinklers, soaker hoses, mist systems and more, from clogging. These plastic filters provide a low maintenance filtration system for a trouble free operation with your drip, dripperline, drip tape, micro sprinkler, soaker hose or mist system.

The larger the number, the finer the mesh. Most Drip systems require at least 155 mesh (100 microns), whereas soaker hose and mist systems, a 200 mesh (74 microns) should be used.
Available in HOSE thread and PIPE thread. Make sure you get the right one, as pipe threads DO NOT screw on to hose threads, and visa versa.

The only difference between a "wye" filter and a "tee" filter is the size of the unit. A tee filter is just smaller.
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Tip: You can use the finest 200 mesh screen filter and protect all your drip irrigation projects with one size. All purpose plastic filters with cleanable screen elements. Use for residential or commercial applications.

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