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Drip Tape

Drip Tape is used for irrigation of various types. It is a thin tube with holes in it spaced at different spacing’s where water drips out at a determined amount. There are many thickness, and we find the 15 mil has good lifespan to use again and again. It can be placed underground or it can be used on top of the soil as well. 8 Mil can only be installed above ground with (emitter side up).

Drip Tape is NOT pressure compensating and works best on flat surfaces. For any type of land, you will want the tape as close as possible to the row of seeds or plants. If you are watering seeds, the tape should be no more than 6 inches away, and if the tape is watering transplants, then it should be no further than 12 inches.  Recommended working pressure is 10 psi.  Maximum working pressure is 10-20 psi.  Can be used with any size main line poly tubing. Drip tape should be disconnected and rolled up for storage during the winter.

Part # ST100 ST500
  Thickness 15 Mil 15 Mil
  Flow Rate per 100' 8 gph 8 gph
  Dripper Spacing 12" o.c. 12" o.c.
  Recommended psi 10 psi 10 psi
  Maximum psi 25 psi 25 psi
  Length 100' 500'   
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