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Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is a type of a micro-irrigation system that allows you to save water and nutrients, because of the slow release of the water/nutrients to the roots of your plants, whether you are watering from above or below the surface of the soil.

Ideally, you want the water to penetrate the soil directly into the root zone and minimize evaporation.

Drip irrigation comes in many different forms, and they all work well, it’s just a matter of preference and what sort of drip irrigation you want to work with. Designs are endless. You can also mix and match within your design, just so long as the length of watering is appropriate for all of your plants. Most systems need at least 25 psi.

Soaker Hose is a popular system for your drip irrigation needs. Water weeps out of the entire length of the hose, therefore eliminating the need to set something up for every plant. Recommended psi for soaker hose is 10-25 psi. We also have a Rain Barrel Soaker Hose for use with rain barrels and any other gravity drip irrigation system.

Drip irrigation can be use with solid irrigation tubing and drip emitters installed directly into the hose, or run off the hose with ¼” micro tubing run to a plant and emitter installed there. The same can be utilized with micro sprayers.

Drip tape is also a great drip irrigation product. Flat tape with emitters installed directly into the “tape”. It’s not really tape, it’s flat hose that will round out when water fills it. Emitters are generally 6 or 12 inches apart.

Micro Tubing is a 1/4“ tubing with emitters pre-installed, generally every 6 or 12 inches. It can’t be run in very long lengths, but you can have many circled around plants. I like to use them around my tomato and pepper plants. Also great for hanging pots, window boxes, etc. ¼” soaker hose is also a great option for smaller pots or circling plants.

Misting systems, great for your greenhouse, seedlings, cooling or anything else that just requires a mist.

Tips, when ordering…

Try laying out your system on paper, putting fittings where you need them, to give you a good idea of how many of each you are going to need. Then, add a few more, at least some of the fittings! Just to have on hand as extras or in case you missed something. You might also want to expand in the future.

Important items that people overlook, pressure regulators and filters. Most homes have approximately 40-60 psi, drip irrigation is ideally run around 25 psi. All drip irrigation systems are subject to clogging, hence a filter. We recommend a 200 mesh filter. We also have calcium filters for those that have a lot of calcium in their water.