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Drip Emitters

Drippers or Drip Emitters are inexpensive, easy to install, reliable and accurate.

Drippers are used directly into your mainline poly tubing or in the end of 1/4" tubing.

Goof plugs are used to plug up those unwanted holes in your mainline or to plug the end of your 1/4" poly or 1/4" soaker hose. Find these and and other 1/4" fittings on: 

Tubing & Fittings 1/4"

Water is slowly provided to a very specific area, close to the roots of the plant, by a network of drip emitters. A drip emitter is rated in gallons per hour. The flow of water is so slow that it is easily absorbed into the ground. In a well-tuned system there is little opportunity for excess water running off and being wasted.

There are also 1/8" drippers, usually called spitters or spot spitters. These are "normally" used by nurseries for watering their plant material. By all means, homeowners can use the same products, just make sure you buy the correct size tubing and fittings when doing so.