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Adjustable Regulator 28-60 psi. PIPE THREADS
Adjustable Regulator 28-60 psi. PIPE THREADS

#18-007 - Adjustable Pressure Regulator, 28-60 PSI 3/4 Pipe threads

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Part Number:18-007
Direct acting pressure regulators (28-60 psi) are specifically designed for use where accurate and reliable control of line pressure is required, regardless of fluctuations in upstream pressure and/or flow. The use of a rolling diaphragm completely separates the spring assembly from dirt or contaminants in the flow stream and provides long, trouble-free service while ensuring immediate response to flow and pressure variations.

Color red cap: minimum psi 28; maximum psi 60. Adjustable with a single screw. 3/4" female PIPE thread. Adjustment screw is underneath the RED colored plastic cap.
Pressure range: 28 to 60 PSI. Maximum inlet pressure: 125 PSI. Flow range: .2 to 22 gpm.
Dimensions: 4" H x 3 7/16" W.

Use one of these regulators if your house pressure exceeds 60 psi. Check your Pressure!
NOTE: DIG pressure regulators should never be installed on a mainline where they are under constant pressure. In this situation, they need to be installed after the valve.
This regulator is pipe thread and WILL NOT fit on a faucet. If you wish to use it on a faucet use a MHT x MPT, and MPT x FHT adapters!
One last thing.........the regulators have an arrow for the direction of the water flow. Don't put it in backwards and call and say it doesn't work at all, Duh!

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