Drip Irrigation or Soaker Hose?

Though different, they do the same work. The main difference between them is that a soaker hose is a porous garden hose. Simply put, a long tubing that has tiny porous holes all along the entire length of the hose. Laid between plants or rows of plants. On the other hand, drip irrigation is a system that utilizes poly tubing  to which is attached smaller emitter tubes or ¼” tubing. These tubes channel water from the long poly tubing onto the base of the plant. These two systems are similar in their working but have different uses and merits.


They both allow you, the gardener, to put water at the base of the plants. There are advantages to watering near the plant’s base as compared to sprinkling water from above. When you water a plant from the ground, you will be more accurate in targeting the base of the plants which will ensure that all your plants receive water accordingly. You will also be watering the plants and not the weeds that might grow around your plants. Watering from the ground will also ensure that you keep your leaves dry which will reduce the chances of mildew and diseases that thrive in damp environments. Most importantly, ground level irrigation will reduce the rate of evaporation as compared to spraying water through the air.


Soaker hoses are less expensive when compared to drip irrigation. A soaker hose will also require less time and money to set up. It is as simple as connecting the porous hose to an outdoor faucet. You can also splice it into some poly tubing of the same size, use fittings and design your own lay out. Similar to the ones we have on our site. Filters, pressure regulators and backflows are used in all set ups and timers can be utilized as well. Drip irrigation does need some expertise while setting up and can have more components when working with drippers, ¼ tubing, fittings etc. It’s pretty simple, but if your needing assistance give us a call.


Soaker hoses water the entire length of the hose, so it’s great for closely planted veggies, herbs, flowers etc. Where drip allows the use of a dripper to each individual plant. Both systems can be flow controlled and should be run at about 25 psi.


Soaker hoses and drip irrigation share similar longevity. They will last longer when you run them under mulch to help protect it from the sun and other elements. Repairs are easy in any system with the proper fittings.

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