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Plant Protectors

Extend your garden season for up to 12 weeks!
Plant as much as 6 wks earlier in the spring
and prolong your fall crops for an additional 6 weeks!

Want to get an early start in your garden, or prolong your season in the fall. Then Plant Protectors is the product for you, protecting your plants down to 16°. Protects your plants from many other elements such as wind, snow, hail and animals. Made of tough 6 mil, UV resistant plastic.

Plant Protectors have a closed tube fill, just put your garden hose in the opening at the top; and turn it on. No more spending 10+, back breaking minutes, trying to fill each section separately and getting a shower in the mean time and the risk of it falling over and destroying your plants. Our Plant Protectors can be filled in approx. 60 seconds!


I have to share! We are currently using these plant protectors. We are in Arizona, in the mountains at 6000'.  Weather conditions can be very strange here. We are in zone 6 for planting. Normal planting is at the end of April. March 24, 2012 is when we actually planted. So 5 weeks earlier than it should be.

The first picture below was taken on April 14th, the rest on April 15 and 16. Taking the chance, and actually hoping for some cold weather. Well on April 14th 2012, we got hit with a cold spell with temps in the mid 20's along with 6" of snow!

I have had success in growning lettuce and greens all winter long!

We had been having fairly warm temps, so the ground was somewhat warm already and therefore did not take long for the snow to melt.

Temps stayed in the low 20's all night long.

v Thumbnails ^

v Thumbnails ^

Here I have uncovered the plants. You can see here too, how much bigger the protected cabbage plant is.

This is taken of the plants while inside the protectors.