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Backflow Devices

A back-flow preventer helps keep contaminated water from re-entering your household water system, and should always be used when applying fertilizer. It prevents water from flowing backwards from your drip or soaker hose irrigation system into your household water.
If used with a battery operated controller, install the back-flow preventer after the controller to prevent stress on the back-flow device. Do not install on main lines, these back-flow preventers are intended for faucet applications.

Most municipalities require backflow prevention devices at the beginning of most irrigation systems.
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#106 Plastic Backflow
#106 Plastic Backflow
Your Price: $3.99
#51054 Brass Backflow
#51054 Brass Backflow
Your Price: $5.99
#62200UHose/Pipe Backflow
#62200UHose/Pipe Backflow
Your Price: $4.99
#483016 1" Dual Check Valve
#483016 1" Dual Check Valve
Your Price: $49.99