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Drip Irrigation and Soaker Hose Supplies

Welcome to Mr. Drip the Leader in "Soaker Hose", Bulk Soaker Hose, Rain Barrel Soaker Hose, Soaker Hose Kits and your online resource for all Drip Irrigation, Drip Irrigation Kits, Drip Emitters, Drip Tubing and Drip Irrigation Systems.

Mr. Drip specializes in Soaker Hoses and providing you with the drip irrigation you need to keep your plants watered effectively. A drip irrigation system delivers water directly to the place your plants need it....THEIR ROOTS!

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580 Soaker Hose
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Soaker Hoses and Drip Irrigation ensures that the soil is kept at an optimum moisture level, saving you water and money. Drip irrigation systems consist of drip emitters, micro sprinklers, micro sprayers, dripper line, drip tape or soaker hoses (hose that emits beads of water directly to a plants roots). After the initial set-up, drip irrigation or soaker hoses do the work of watering for you.

Drip irrigation systems like soaker hoses are easy and expandable. Whatever type of drip irrigation you decide to go with, we have it all. At Mr. Drip we're committed to making your garden the best it can be. We're happy to help you find the drip irrigation system that works best for you at a price you'll love. Get ready to see your garden shine!

For those of who buy in quantity, contact Lori as we offer multi-level pricing for our Commercial Drip Irrigation Accounts.

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Propagation Mist Kit with Timer
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Propagation Mist Kit
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#543 - Low Pressure Solar 2 Dial, Dual Outlet Timer
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#542 - Solar 2 Dial Timer
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#544 Solar Digital Timer
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4 or 6 Station Electric Propagation Timer
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Mr. Drip provides Soaker Hoses and Soaker Hose Accessories and complete Drip Irrigation Products including: irrigation systems, drip emitters, micro sprinklers, micro sprayers, dripper line, drip tape and all accessories for your home watering needs.

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